About Our Company

Web Serein IT Solutions is an IT company with no geographical boundaries and provides all that you can think of around IT including consulting, solutions and applications services. We are a combination of unmatched capabilities, experiences and jobs that serve across the industries. We knit closely with the clients to deliver high quality solutions with latest technologies and every growing business model approach. With the solutions provided by our professional staff our vision is to help our clients always reach new heights. We are firm believers of the adage that change is the only constant; hence we dwell on latest developments in the technology field and stress on innovations and further enhance our execution and delivery. We are full of essential resources to content our clients and flexible to fit in the requirements.

History Of Our Company

Let Us Tell You Our Story

Foundation of Our Company

Web Serein was established in the year 2015. It is a privately held company initiated by the two member Mr. Mohit Kumar Vashista and Mr. Girmesh Chauhan. They are currently serving as the Manager Director of the company. Since its inception in 2016, the start-up IT service provider has made its presence felt in the IT services domain. We offer all kinds of IT outsourcing services to a wide range of national clients and have an excellent track record of managing large scale projects as well. Our approach is quite simple and straightforward i.e. we keep transparency from starting till the end and provide best quality services to every client. Our success mantra is to keep sincerity and dedication in our work and bring Innovative ideas that can add value to our customers. Our industry stalwarts and experts have over 50 years of experience in the Information Technology sector and have carried out extensive research in various IT domains and worked on several projects with different requirements.

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to build a strong team, backed by commitment and dedication, to help our clients succeed. We are in-making of technology experts that will not only help enterprises grow but will deliver solutions that will simplify businesses. We know in every tomorrow, there lies infinite possibilities with technology and we are ready to take it forward!

Our Team

Ours is a service minded, talented group of skilled experts and professionals who are fuelled by passion and determination to achieve more regarding quality and servicing. Our people deliver the projects and responsibilities assigned to them with honesty and accountability. All of us carry a flexible approach and hunger to learn more and more. We aim to adapt as per the needs of our clients and the individual assignments that we get. We remain connected to our customers to deliver the best to them and work as a team. Our close-knit team framework of creative professionals is our biggest strength and asset. We aim together, face the challenges together, create together, deliver together, and share our successes and failures together.

Our Culture and Environment

We at Web Serein aim to empower selves as well as every organization that seeks our help to better their working. It is this focus that helps us work harder and motivates us to push our boundaries further with each passing day. As far as our in-house team is concerned, we take enough care of the fact that everyone who works with us thoroughly satisfied and gets the work that helps them grow in their career. We try to provide a congenial work atmosphere as well as the freedom to all our employees so that they find meaning in their tasks and can take decisions independently without any pressure. Thus, we strive to create an open culture where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed in a work setting. Our teams work in coordination with each other and synchronize well to bring the best output for a given task despite the fact that all our professionals come from different backgrounds cultural, linguistic as well as educational. Sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions, in an interactive manner with no bias, prejudices or hard feelings for each other is a regular atmosphere that you will witness at our office.